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Become the Ace of heart?

How to become a king of hearts, loved by all? Become more saintly, so that like a true kind you sit on the throne of love in the hearts of others. Begin by being kind to all. Unkindness is a spiritual disease. If you indulge in unkind acts and feelings, you make yourself miserable and damage your nervous system.

When you see others behaving unkindly, it should give you greater determination to be kind. I practice this all the time. No matter how hurtfully others behave, they cannot make me react with meanness.

The more unkindness people show to me, the more understanding I give to them. Sometimes, in order to stress an important lesson, I speak very strongly to those who have come to me for training. But I am never angry or unkind. Those who receive such discipline have seen that at the height of the scolding, when I seem to be most displeased, I can shut off fiery speech and use the gentlest of words. That self-control has tremendous power. Never allow your voice to be harsh out of anger or vengefulness.

Like a flower, shed petals of kindness when you are aggravated by others or attacked by the evil in them. By self-control and right behavior you will ultimately realize that you are a part of the Eternal Good, you do not belong anymore to the wrong ways of this world.

– Journey to Self-Realization by Paramahansa Yoganandaa


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Wisdom words

When confronted with different points of view of what is right, use this slogan to remind yourself that your own conscience is the main judge of your actions. Of course we can always learn from others, but finally each of us can only trust our own intuitive heart.

The whole thrust of the bodhicitta mind-training and Bodhisattva path is to be able to become naturally more loving and compassionate without expecting or hoping for anything in return.

Although your ego may want some form of positive reinforcement or reward for what you do or say, your innate Buddha-nature doesn’t require that kind of acknowledgment. Whatever occurs is what occurs, and it is all positive. Even if a Bodhisattva is the last person on earth, he or she would continue on the way of awakening.

Gradually we learn to loosen our tightfisted grip on worldly values. We become more centered, balanced, straightforward, calm, and clear amid any temporary weather conditions – outer circumstances as well as internal emotional weather. We learn to both sit and stand erect, needing nothing to lean on. We stand up for ourselves and our beliefs and stand behind our words and deeds. We become masters of our own domain.

This is how we awaken our inner guru, our inner guide – the Buddha within, the secret master comfortably ensconced forever in our own heart cave. This inner guru is none other than truth itself – our own innate wisdom and heart center’s noblest intuitive understanding and love.

When you invoke the gods or angels, when you pray, you are awakening this sublime being within yourself. There is no one else to rely upon.

– Awakening The Buddha Within

Lama Surya Das

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