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When each day
is sacred

When each hour
is sacred

When each instant
is sacred

earth and you
space and you
bearing the sacred
through time

you will reach
the field of lights.


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We Are Called

Shiva Video flower 3 sunflower butterfly

We are called to live  in awareness.

We are called to know we are one with all life.

Every action affects the whole of creation.

We are called as compassion in action.

We are called to put our hands on creation
and touch it  gently with love.

Much of what we touch cannot remember us as, we.

We are called to remember loveliness of all creatures,
until we can each remember, and know we are Love.

We are called by Love as Love.





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10829403_54596472e9 Butter fly

“For everything in this journey of life we are on, there is a right wing and a left wing: for the wing of love there is anger; for the wing of destiny there is fear; for the wing of pain there is healing; for the wing of hurt there is forgiveness; for the wing of pride there is humility; for the wing of giving there is taking; for the wing of tears there is joy; for the wing of rejection there is acceptance; for the wing of judgment there is grace; for the wing of honor there is shame; for the wing of letting go there is the wing of keeping. We can only fly with two wings and two wings can only stay in the air if there is a balance. Two beautiful wings is perfection. There is a generation of people who idealize perfection as the existence of only one of these wings every time. But I see that a bird with one wing is imperfect. An angel with one wing is imperfect. A butterfly with one wing is dead. So this generation of people strive to always cut off the other wing in the hopes of embodying their ideal of perfection, and in doing so, have created a crippled race.”  C. JoyBell C

In the full embrace of all of it, there is wholeness.  It is here we open to true perfection that is beyond the mind with its tug/pull, yin/yang, this/not this tension of the opposites.   It is here we become grounded in the unconditionality of  love supreme, a love so grand that all is included and nothing is held back or denied  in the  experience of being human.

All is well
All shall be well
And all manners of things shall withstand
the tension of the opposites.
May we all fly free
May it be for you
May it be for me
May it be for all


Look back from where we have come.
The path was at times an open road of joy,
at others a steep and bitter track of stones and pain.

How could we know the joy without suffering?
And how could we endure the suffering but that we are
warmed and carried on the breast of God?

Rev. Desmond M.Tutu


All is well
All shall be well
In the full embrace
Open to the Holy tremble
Know this is Love…



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All of my life has been a relearning to pray—a letting go of incantational magic, petition, and vain repetition ” Me Lord, me,” instead of watching attentively for the light that burns at the center of every star, every cell, every living creature, every human heart.  Chet Raymor, Nature writer for The Boston Globe

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129475hz4kyub9g3 wow shiva



The animating pure essence expressing through all things,

like breath which enters and nourishes the form,

then is released into open space.

Breeze of consciousness

weaves the living processes of the Earth,

I am humbled and bow in thanksgiving to This.




Inextricably entwined in all life, we are
a comic living organism,  within all relationship,

beyond all that can be defined.

The illusion of  separation dissolves and we know

pure essence  actively partakes in the creation, sustaining,

and dissolution of the Earth.

This vast embrace so unconditionally loving,

nothing is denied…




I breathe and give thanks for this love beyond all conditions.



Breathing, acting, thinking, expanding, contracting,

arises and falls with our shared world.

Our  heart in its whirl-push beats out the cosmic rhythm.

This morning we breathe in the expelled breath of plants

from it’s journey of  thousands of miles.

In our essence we are part of the part of the plant,the plant is part of us.

The rivers, the mountains, the trees, the herbs,

the morning mists, the gathering waters, the approaching storm,

we always have and always will be, This.

My dear kinship we are bonded by This; Love Supreme.

The strength and wisdom of all the earth flow through us.

This day may we be empty of the self that separates from this knowing.

May our hearts be open and filled  with the givens of love,

it’s empathy and creativity.

There is no true escape of our interconnectedness

May we live with reverence with all life.

We are the hunted whales, the palm trees, the vanishing tigers,

the homeless drug addicted, the Earth our self.

My prayer, this day and always;

May there be healing of our illusion of separation,
from all each other, from all life, from our Self.

May we seek to know the binding curve that joins us together.
May we be aware and open.
May our lives in consciousness awake and know we are One.



Breathe, I am open to receive…..




Please Call Me By My True Names

A Poem By Thich Nhat Hanh

Do not say that I’ll depart tomorrow
because even today I still arrive.

Look deeply: I arrive in every second
to be a bud on a spring branch,
to be a tiny bird, with wings still fragile,
learning to sing in my new nest,
to be a caterpillar in the heart of flower,
to be a jewel hiding itself in a stone.

I still arrive, in order to laugh and to cry,
in order to fear and to hope,
the rhythm of my heart is the birth and
death of all that are alive.

I am the mayfly metamorphosing on the
surface of the river,
and I am the bird which, when spring comes,
arrives in time to eat the mayfly.

I am the frog swimming happily in the
clear water of a pond,
and I am also the grass-snake who,
approaching in silence,
feeds itself on the frog.

I am the child in Uganda, all skin and bones,
my legs as thin as bamboo sticks,
and I am the arms merchant, selling deadly
weapons to Uganda











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