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i will name me after all

mother-mary-iiYou cannot name me.
You do not know my name.

I am not that small and foolish thing
you would have me be.

You cannot name me.
I am an arrow shot through time.

My rhyme is not narrow as your reason.
Do not doubt, I will have my season.

You would make me small.
You would make me call you Sir,
as if i were some cur milling
through the street dressed in yellow.
I am not that which you would meet.
There is blindness in your eyes.

You cannot see my size.
I am larger than your fears,
deeper than the tears God
wept for ocean.

We are meant to do devotion out of love.

The hawk, the dove,
the black bear and her cub,
the oak, the ash, the willow,
and the grass,
each has their song,
and you have got mine wrong
to name me small.

And if i were your cell,
I would burst it like a shell.

I will be both large and small.
I will name me after all.

The letters you don’t use,
those are what I choose.

Julia Cameron, from This Earth,

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