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” I spent long days and nights in the studio seeking that dance which might be the divine expression of the human spirit the medium of the body’s movement. For hours I would stand quite still, my two hands folded between my breasts, covering the solar plexus. My mother often became alarmed to see me remain for such long intervals quite motionless as if in a trance–but i was seeking and finally found the central spring of all movement, the crater of motor power, the unity from which all diversities of movements are born, the mirror of vision for the creation of dance – it was from this discovery that was born the theory on which I founded my school.

The ballet school taught the pupils that this spring was found in the centre of the back at the base of the spine. From this axis, says the ballet master, arms, legs and trunk move more freely, giving the result of an articulated puppet… This method produces and artificial mechanical movement not worthy of the soul.

I on the contrary sought the Source of the spiritual expression to flow into the channels of the body filling it with light — the centrifugal force reflecting the spirit’s vision. After many months, when I had learned to concentrate all my force to this one Center I found that thereafter when I listened to music the rays and vibrations of the music streamed to this one fount of light within me — there they reflected themselves in Spiritual Vision not the brain’ mirror, but the soul’s, and from this vision I could express them in Dance.

Isadora Duncan, from My Life

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