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Fear not what is not real, never was and never will be . What is real, always was and cannot be destroyed. Bhagavad Gita.

in the process. . . ” This then is the human problem, there is a price to be paid for every increase in consciousness. We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain.”
Alan Watts

Look within

There is no difference

between yourself, Self, and Guru

You are always Free,

There is no teacher,

there is no student,

there is no teaching.


As the rivers flowing East and West merge in the sea, become one with it. Forgetting they were ever separate rivers. So do all creatures lose their separateness when they merge at last into pure Being.

Chandogyo Upanishad

When you don’t require anything from the world and nothing from God. When you don’t desire anything, when you don’t strive for anything, don’t expect anything, the divine will enter you, unasked and unexpected


Separate yourself of all “twoness”. Be one in one, one on one, one with one.

Meister Eckhart

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You are the Unchangeable Awareness in which All activity takes place.
Always Rest in Peace.
You are Eternal Being, Unbounded and Undivided.
Just Keep Quite.
All is well.
Keep Quiet Here and Now.
You are Happiness.
You are Peace.
You are Freedom.
Do not entertain any notions that you are in trouble.
Be Kind to Yourself.
Open to your Heart and Simply Be.


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what is the shape of love?

what we see is not the most important
could dust rise without the invisible
hands of the wind?

tell me
what is the shape of love?
how much does it weight
when held in the palm of your hands?
can you catch the spirit of life
in a jar?

all things seen depend
upon the Unseen
all sounds depend upon Silence
all things felt depend
upon what is not felt.

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Join me here Now
where there are no points of view.
Slip under good and bad
right and wrong
worthy and unworthy
sinner and saint.
Meet me here

where everything is unframed
before understanding
and not understanding.
Meet me here

where silence roars
where stillness is dancing
where the eternal is living and dying.
Meet me here

where you are not you
where you are it
and It is unspeakable.
Meet me here

where all points of vies
merge into a single point
that then disappears.
Meet me here

before there ever was something
before there was nothing.
Meet me here

where everything speaks of this
where everything has
always spoken this
where nothing is ever lost and found.
Meet me here.


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My ripples are becoming Your still water
As every breath of wind subsides.
A thought dances for a moment on the lake,
Then is gone as fast as it sprang up.
Deeper and deeper, into Your stillness,
Past every thought or action I slide.
My heart soars, sailing Your ocean.
Every storm dissolves, every pathway leads homeward.
Home, within this Silent Place.
Alone, yet one with all of space.
Awakened, yet asleep to this world forsaken.
Resting in Your joy and sacred pearl.
No more are there words to say,
I lay them down and head Your way,
No more to search and strive for shooting stars,
But to bathe within the sun that shines in everyone.

Alan Stocker

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